Occupy These

18 Apr

One of the most annoying and heinous results of social media is bandwagon- activism and conflation of issues. This issue isn’t social media itself , but the way some people use social media.  One of the most recent and infamous examples of this is the Trayvon Martin incident. As stated in a previous blog , speaking out about it became more of a “trendy” thing to do than actual activism and it felt like it was the flavor of the week issue rather than a legitimate call for action. This was much like the occupy movement , which in my opinion was a bunch of spoiled brats attempting to ride yet another trend and sound important, while simultaneously drowning out the serious concerns of those who are oppressed and mistreated in this society and around the globe.

As much as I personally support social media as a source of sharing and gaining information  , I do believe that there can be at times major disconnect between the digital community’s opinions, and the opinions and actions of those in physical reality . In many instances , social media creates its own secular communities which can sometimes be isolated or withdrawn from individuals who are not frequent users of social media. This can often times cause many people who are not active tweeters or facebook users to not take the opinions and concerns of the social media community very seriously, and to social media activism as another trendy to be cool. In my opinion , such suspicion and/or dismissal  of the concerns of the social media community may be warranted.  It’s very easy to sit behind a screen and claim to be serious about change, justice, or correctness and have a feeling of self satisfaction and being involved and trendy.

The sad part is that many people would not be involved with or interested in such things if they didn’t hear about it through social media, when some issues and concerns are centuries old.  This is not to say that social media isn’t a powerful tool for exchanging information about important causes that will eventually lead to action. I am just suggesting that the focus should always primarily be on the issues at hand , and not just trying to be remotely involved in something because everyone else is.

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