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Coaching the Coach

In my exercise for my PR Theory  class I had the opportunity to play both a media coach as well as the client. On the client side of things I role played the captain of the Carnival cruise ship crisis. My media coach was tasked with insuring that my responses and tone with the press shed a sympathetic light on the deaths of the respective passengers. I found that as a person the receiving end of the coaching it is very difficult to accept people telling you what to say , especially when you believe that your actions were correct.

It is frustrating and even startling to hear another person  critique how you are coming off to the general public. I played the role of being indignant and not wanting to take responsibility and accountability for the deaths of the passengers and I was in the mind frame of attempting to protect myself and to be myself , rather than to admit any wrongdoing , or to have to be tactful .

On the side of being a media coach , I had the monumental task  of being the public relations coach for Jerry Sandusk , played by my Professor. I found that it was imperative to be as specific as possible when speaking to a client. Inflection , demeanor , word choice , and body language all have to be taken into consideration. I had to mentally take myself out of the role as a public spectator, and I really had to be very objective and honest with Mr. Sandusky. The importance of using words in the most precise manner became very evident , very quickly.

Words like attached, love, boys , like, mine , and feel all became hot-button words that we needed to be mindful of. I also found that it could be frustrating for some media coaches to engage clients , as some may be too stuck in their way of thinking to actually take heed to professional advice. Ultimately I enjoy the exercise from both sides and really was able to get a taste of real life scenarios.

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